Owning a commercial property can be a fun and exciting venture. You might be building it from the ground up or taking over an existing property. Both options will probably require excavation services. Here is a list of some commercial property excavation services that might be required for your property.

Installing New Underground Utilities

Your business might be in need of new underground utility lines. This might be a new Ethernet connection, a line that directly connects a device to the internet. It could be that your business needs to improve its electrical system. Regardless of the utility, at Hayes Services we can help you with the installation process. We can help by excavating underground trenches. These trenches are long, narrow ditches that allows employees to get around during the underground installation process.

It should be noted that underground trenches are one of the most dangerous forms of excavation, as they require careful design and the installation of many safety features. It is imperative that you work with a licensed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certified excavation company if your project requires underground trenching. Proper trenching includes the building of walls to keep all of the soil in place. Once the trenches are examined and approved for their safety, then the installation of utility lines can begin. Once the project is complete, Hayes Services can backfill the trenches and return your commercial property to the previous state. Underground trenching can be used for a variety of projects, but they are most common with utility installation.

Updating Landscaping

Normally, you may think to work with a landscaping company when you want to improve your commercial property’s landscaping. However, excavation companies are soil experts. Luckily at Hayes Services, we specialize in landscaping and excavation. We understand how the quality of soil affects everything on your property from the foundation of your building to the quality of your water drainage.

If you are looking to improve your commercial property’s landscaping, then here are a few improvements you might consider making. You need to consider the slope of your property’s lawn. If your property is flat, then you will need to make sure that rainwater is draining properly from your property. If rainwater does not drain properly, then it will pools into deeper parts of the lawn, causing the grass and plant life to erode. If you are able to re-slope your lawn, then this will improve water runoff. If you are unable to re-slope your property, then Hayes Services can guide you through all of the alternatives.

At Hayes Services we can also assist with examining the current quality of your soil and assist in determining better soil for promoting plant growth. If you want to install other landscaping amenities, such as a fountain or a gazebo, then we can also assist with creating an installation space or setting a small foundation. We are highly knowledgeable about soil engineering.

In-Ground Pool Removal

In-ground pools are common amenities at hotels, apartment complexes, and senior living facilities. Having an in-ground pool for guests is only considered a nice amenity if it being used regularly. If your pool isn’t being used often then it might be a risk to wild animals and to your guests. By having your in-ground pool removed you are possibly removing a major liability from your property.

At Hayes Services we can assist in this demolition and removal process. We will walk you through the pool removal permit process, as well as inspecting the area surrounding the pool. Typically, the pool removal process has a few steps. First, we will help you disconnect any lines that are connected to your pool; then, we will drain the pool of any existing water; next, we will demolish the pool and remove all of the debris; and finally, we will fill the leftover hole with soil and other desired nature elements. By removing you unused in-ground pool, you can create space that could potentially be used for a park or a picnic area.

If you are considering working on one of the above projects, then Hayes Services can schedule your project and help you manage its complexities. If you are considering working on a project not discussed here, then be sure to contact Hayes Services. From landscaping efforts to foundation preparation, there are a large variety of projects that require the assistance of excavation companies like Hayes Services. Be sure to work with a fully licensed contractor in order to achieve the safest and highest quality outcome.

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