If you find yourself in the middle of a home improvement project with lots of waste, you may need to look for an outside solution to remove your waste efficiently. You have two main options: junk removal or dumpster rental. Consider the options in this guide to ensure a smooth process when getting rid of large amounts of debris.

Hiring a Junk Removal Service

As their name implies, junk removal services are companies that come to your home and haul waste out for you. Quality junk removal companies can save you the backbreaking work and hassle that comes with clearing your property.


  • Do all the work from start to finish: Whether that be hauling that old freezer out or getting debris from your basement, they manage all the junk removal themselves.
  • Schedule your pick-up time: This means you will know when your trash will be out of your home and that it’s guaranteed to be out at that time.
  • They’re Professionals: They know the proper place to dispose of trash and where and how to recycle old items.


  • The Costs: Whether the service fills up their vehicle multiple times or you find more waste in your home, you’ll likely pay for the junk removal service to come back to your house multiple times. This means added costs to your original budget.
  • Limited Time: Most junk removal services have time restraints, so if they are unable to remove your waste in that window, you may be stuck with unwanted trash.

Best Items for Junk Removal

If you are throwing out large items that can be dangerous to move and dispose of, junk removal companies may be the best option. Companies may have a list of items they will not take. Examples they will take include:

  • Big appliances like refrigerators, washers and more
  • Old mattresses
  • Sectionals, dining room tables or other large pieces of furniture
  • Heavy construction materials like bricks or concrete that would be hard to move on your own

Renting a Dumpster

A dumpster rental allows for flexibility as they deliver a dumpster to your home for an agreed upon time.


  • You know the cost up front. When you research and ultimately rent a dumpster, the cost is a flat-rate price.
  • You keep the dumpster for a period of days, making it ideal for long-term projects. You can slowly fill up the dumpster and adjust your removal timeline if needed.


  • Filling the dumpster on your own: You will have to haul out heavy items and large amounts of trash, unless you hire someone to do so, which will add more money to your trash removal total.
  • Limitations: Be sure to do your research before committing to a dumpster.

Best Items for Renting a Dumpster

When considering a dumpster rental, think through the items you will be throwing out. If you have a large amount and a variety of items, consider a dumpster. You will need to avoid hazardous materials like paints or oils. Waste items good for dumpsters include:

  • Concrete and construction waste
  • Storm and yard debris
  • Large amounts of furniture
  • Multiple appliances

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