Pros of Winter Excavation

It might be impossible to think about taking on a project during the winter. Leave it up to the experts to determine if winter excavation is impossible or not. Here are some great things about breaking ground in the winter:

  • Not the busy period: Many construction companies experience a lull in business during the winter. When you hire a team for winter excavation, they will be able to give their undivided attention to your project. Rather than balancing multiple projects at once, your project will be the top priority.
  • More workforce: Often, more workers are available for one specific project during the winter months. Because construction companies are not being bombarded with contracts through the winter, they will be able to send more workers to your site. This will minimize the timeline of the project.
  • No waiting: Winter is a long time to wait out an urgent construction project. Time is money, and if you own the property and it is just sitting there without movement, all that money is lost. Construction projects during the winter may come with some extra costs, but it can be worth it when you look at the big picture.

What if you just sold your house, and are having to wait until Spring to get started on the construction of your new home? Those months of waiting can be excruciating long especially if family is uprooted during that time. Winter excavation can be of great value if you are starting a new construction project.

Cons of Winter Excavation

Ever wondered why you don’t see construction workers lining the highway throughout the winter? That is because winter construction can be challenging, especially if there is snow and ice involved. Here is what you need to know regarding the challenging parts of winter excavation:

  • Frozen ground: If it is a frigid winter with freezing temperatures for weeks on end, then even shallow excavation projects can be challenging to break ground. The frozen ground poses a big problem, requiring special tools. And many times, the soft soil can feel like solid concrete when it is frozen all the way through.
  • Discomfort of employees: Working in frigid conditions is not ideal for the workers. But neither is 100-degree weather. With the proper outerwear, this disadvantage can be quickly addressed. And with a trailer or warming tent on-site, the workers will have a chance to warm up between tasks and stay relatively comfortable.

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Hayes Services can schedule your project and help you manage its complexities. If you are considering working on a project not discussed here, then be sure to contact Hayes Services. From landscaping efforts to foundation preparation, there are a large variety of projects that require the assistance of excavation companies like Hayes Services. Be sure to work with a fully licensed contractor in order to achieve the safest and highest quality outcome.

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