Excavation services are a very common thing for commercial properties, but are they common for residential properties too? The simple answer is yes, they can be. While this isn’t a service that you need all the time or even every year, it is a service that you will need at some point. We have compiled a small list of residential projects that require excavation services.

New Home Excavation

If you are planing to build a new home, then there are a few required steps that must be completed by an excavation company, like Hayes Services, before the build can begin. It is necessary to first go through the process of a site excavation. Site excavation happens when the desired construction space is made level and safe to work on. To achieve this, they excavate the space to a desired depth, width, and length. The process of site excavation most likely will occur weeks before the intended construction. This will allow the soil to shift naturally over time. Site excavation also includes preparing the site for soil movement. Once the site is level and settled, then the next step of construction can begin.

No matter the style of the home, all homes require a strong foundation. When done properly, the foundation serves many purposes: it will protect the walls of your home from collapsing from weight or age, it will prevent groundwater from seeping into your home, and, it will keep your home level, which will ensure that your floors, doors, and windows all lie flat. Hayes Services will remove soil and prepare the site for a foundation installation. In order to prepare a site for a foundation installation, the ground must undergo some proper preparation. First, any excess water in the soil of the site has to be removed. It is ideal to work with dry soil when it comes to foundation installation. If there are any other soil impurities, they will be removed in the early stages.

Installation of utilities – like a sewer lateral – will typically happen early on as well. The next few steps will include the installation of basement-level walls and flooring, waterproofing the walls, and insulation installment. A drainage system will also need to be installed around the foundation. Then, they can backfill the foundation. The process of backfilling is when you remove soil from the site temporarily and then return it back to the original place at a later date. Once the soil around the foundation is level, then the next step of your new home’s construction can continue. At Hayes Services, we can help you get started on setting the foundation.

Installing a New Pool

If your family decides that they want to install an in-ground pool onto your residential property, then an excavation company, like Hayes Services, can help with the project. Hayes Services offers a service known as land clearing, and this is when the land is cleared of potential obstacles. Things like tree stumps, boulders, and prohibitive materials are removed because they may hinder any construction. When you are trying to decide where to place your new pool, it may be wise to think about which part of your property is the easiest to dig into.

Connecticut is home to a variety of bedrock. Depending on where you are located, your property may be sitting on top of quartz beds, clay, or shale. The hardness of the materials that are under your property will determine how difficult it will be to dig. Land clearing can assist you with examining what types of obstacles are hidden underneath the soil on your property. At Hayes Services, we can advise you on the best placement for your in-ground pool. Once you have determined the location, then we can prepare the dig site for the pool. Knowing and understanding what hides beneath your property will make it much easier to install a pool later.

Rock Wall Installation

If your property has a lot of rocks, then you might consider turning them into a rock wall. Rock walls can be beautiful property fences. These types of fences require little maintenance when compared to wood or metal fences. Additionally, they are very environmentally friendly, since you are recycling rock from your property. Rock walls are also very sturdy and safe, which means that they will not topple over easily from heavy winds. If you have a larger residential property, then a rock wall can create a natural barrier for your property.

At Hayes Services we can assist not only with removing rocks from your property but also with installing them as a rock wall. If the installation of a rock wall is something you aren’t interested in, then we can merely remove the rocks for you. We can also help you stabilize any rocks on your property. If you already use rocks as a retaining wall, then we can assist in improving the wall’s stability. Retaining walls typically consist of rock or stone. They hold back water or soil and are useful in both landscaping and construction. Excavation companies can do more than dig holes and move earth: they can contribute to the aesthetic improvement of your property.

At Hayes Services, we provide worry free, reliable and fast commercial and residential excavation services and Commercial Landscaping Services. Low prices, a variety of sizes, same day and hassle free rentals are what we provide, so contact us today and let’s talk about your next project.

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